I need to be honest with you – there isn’t a whole lot to do in Luxembourg. I was heading from Germany to Belgium and thought a little stop in Luxembourg along the way would be fun. If you’re doing a similar route and have no time restrictions then it’s definitely worth stopping over for a night. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have heaps of time, give it a miss.


Luxembourg really is a beautiful city, with cobblestone streets and lots of greenery and a heavy French influence. The shops are beautiful yet expensive, so window shopping was my only option. I stayed at Luxembourg City Hostel with it’s only benefit being a good location in the city. It’s a huge hostel and it really only helped having other friends with me otherwise I wouldn’t have met anyone. For a six bed dorm it will cost you $AUD36 (€24) a night and there is no kitchen but it does include a free breakfast of rolls, meats and cheese – hello free lunch too! And an inexpensive dinner is offered in the cafe.



It was nice heading here with a few friends because we were willing to explore. You can explore the castle mates, which are caves turned into a small museum, and you can still walk through the tunnels if you’re not afraid of small spaces.


While in the city of Luxembourg, an art exhibition was on. Artists from all around Europe were designing this year’s animal, an elephant, and placing them around the city to be auctioned off for charity. It was a lot of fun walking through both the Old and the New towns to spot as many elephants as possible and participate in the ‘elephant parade’.




Getting to and from Luxembourg city is very straightforward, Frankfurt, Germany to Luxembourg city: €15 with Meinfernbus. Berlin, Germany to Luxembourg city: €28 with Mienfernbus. Brussels, Belgium to Luxembourg city: €20 with Student Agency Bus.

I only spent two nights and one full day in Luxembourg and even though there was plenty to do during the day the nights were very uneventful. If you have a lot of time to spare and you’re taking the similar route that I did from Germany to Belgium and you will pass through Luxembourg it’s worth taking the short visit and Luxembourg city really is beautiful, otherwise unfortunately it’s not worth your time.

by Chanel Sudarski